4 Things to Consider when Buying a Second Hand Fridge Freezer

Buying a new fridge freezer can extremely blow your budget, more so, if you would like a model that encompasses all the latest technological features.


The only way to get this innovative kind of fridge freezer at the lowest possible price is to buy a second hand one. However, buying a second-hand fridge freezer is a risky business if you have no idea what to check before buying. Here are 4 factors you need to put into perspective when buying a second-hand fridge freezer:

Buy a fridge freezer that fits your space
Prior to stepping out of your house to buy a fridge freezer, measure out your current fridge freezer or any space available that can hold the appliance in the kitchen. While measuring, note the direction you would wish you doors to open. This step will alleviate the hassle of having to check out appliances that do not meet your requirements.

Ascertain that the fridge freezer actually works
It’s natural that electronic appliances are not always plugged in and running when bought, so it may be difficult to know that you are having a functional and quality product. Most appliance dealers guarantee functionality on their appliances, but when dealing with an individual fridge freezer dealer, ask him or her to plug in to determine that the motor is running efficiently before committing to any payments.

The cost and availability of parts
In the course of buying a second-hand fridge freezer, it’s vital to be in the know about what specific repair and maintenance costs you would incur moving forward. Don’t let the prospect of buying a top end brand name cloud your judgement. The truth is top end fridge freezer brands quintessentially come along with costly parts. Also, be on the lookout for rare or old models since these fridge freezer parts might be hard to find in the marketplace, hence, slowing down any repair works on your appliance.

Cool down time
You should know that it takes between 12 and 24 hours for your fridge freezer to cool down after purchase and transportation to your home. Many people assume that the appliance should cool down within the first three hours, and when it doesn’t, they trigger alarm bells. Give it the required amount of time before determining whether it’s faulty or okay.

Buying a second-hand fridge freezer comes with its own bag of challenges. That’s why you must be extra careful in your buying process. Only buy from trusted appliance dealers or people you trust. Also, ensure that all documents are available to alleviate the risk of buying a stolen appliance.

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