Argos is one of the pay monthly and pay weekly UK catalogues that allows their customers to purchase products and divide their payments up into weekly or monthly payments. Argos pay weekly/pay monthly is becoming very popular in the UK because they understand that there are going to be times when people need specific items yet they are unable to be able to afford the entire cost up front. By allowing them to pay monthly or pay weekly Argos is not only helping them get the items that they need but they are also helping them build their credit as well.

Argos pay monthly/pay weekly does require for their potential customers to qualify for this service. However, once you have qualified you may be eligible to pay nothing until the year 2013 depending on the items that you have decided to purchase. Not to mention the fact that they also allow you to monitor your account 24/7 so you never have to worry about waiting on hold to find out answers to simple things such as your balance or when and how much your next payment is.

Usually, when applying for the Argos pay monthly/pay weekly you will be provided with an instant decision as to whether or not you have been approved. However, for some people they are unable to come to a final decision instantly. In this situation they will notify you within seven to ten business days as to whether or not you have been approved by writing. In the event that they are not able to give you a decision right away it does not automatically mean that you are not approved for the Argos pay monthly/pay weekly plan it simply means that they have to take other routes to find out the information that they need to see whether or not you qualify.