Bad Credit Catalogues

Bad credit catalogues are a good way out of shopping woes for the debt ridden. The times are hard and credit is hard to come by. If you have a poor credit record, things are even harder. Getting credit when your record says bad things about you, is not the easiest thing. Many dealers will not even look at you at the slightest whiff of a bad credit history. Luckily, there are catalogues that are willing to offer you a second chance. These catalogues will even start you off with a credit amount of £100 to make your shopping life bearable.

What are bad credit catalogues?
These are catalogues that are willing to accommodate the needs of shoppers with a poor credit record. There a number of catalogues that will decide that the shoppers’ record are not beyond repair and give them a chance. Shoppers are able to buy items on credit starting with a low credit limit which is then raised as the shopper proves herself.

Credit shopping on bad credit catalogues
For catalogues UK shopping, you will most likely require a personal account. This account is for recording your shopping transactions at the catalogue. Unlike shopping with a credit card, the purchases you make on the catalogue are recorded on the account not the card you use to clear payments. The best thing is that the payments you make will still be reflected on your credit history. If all your credit cards are maxed out, you need not worry. You can clear the balances by cash, bank wire, and many other ways. A monthly statement is issued to show the items bought, payments made and any balances. Anyone over 18 can open a personal account with a catalogue. This is free. Account holders get exclusive bargains making your shopping even more affordable.

Benefits to your credit record
If you shop on the catalogues and make your payments successfully, your credit record gradually improves. Each complete payment goes to improve the positive marks on your credit history. This in turn allows for a higher credit limit which allows you to shop for more. This cycle repeats itself with an upward spiral meaning you get to afford more and more as time goes by. You can clear the bad side of your credit record in a relatively short time by making frequent affordable purchases. Catalogues are ideal to shop at because of their good bargains and variety of goods. You can get credit limits up to £500 in some catalogues. Many will start at the lower side of £100. This is enough for small purchases that can be paid quickly. The best thing with catalogues is that there are bargains all round. You will also get flexible payment terms. You can spread your costs over time and pay in easy instalments. You can also opt to pay nothing until a certain period elapses.

Another perk of improving your credit rating is that you will find it easier to apply for finance in the future for things such as credit cards or phone contracts. In fact, if you find that you have been refused for a phone then catalogues are an ideal place to improve your credit rating as they have much higher acceptance rates than mobile networks. Check out some great deals for contract phones for bad credit here.

Some bad credit catalogues
There are many UK catalogues willing to do business with you even with a bad credit record. You can opt to shop at general stock catalogues or specialist catalogues like those dealing with ladies fashion exclusively. Some of the catalogues dealing with people having a bad credit record are;

Boden – this is a fashion catalogue dealing with clothing exclusively. Shoppers can get items at clearance prices. Men, women and children can get clothing items on the catalogue.

La Redoute – this French fashion catalogue has clothing items for the whole family. Shoppers can get up to 40% discounts on select brands. Home ware and footwear are also available.

Isme – this is a general merchandise catalogue offering a wide range of personal and home items. Shoppers can pay for items interest free in 12 months. Costs can also be spread over a period of 3 years. New shoppers get 10% off their first credit order.

Littlewoods – shoppers on this general stock catalogue have flexible payment terms. You can opt to pay with a 5 months interest opt-out option. You can also pay in 12 months interest free or spread the costs up to 3 years. Shoppers can also enjoy 20% cash back on electronics over £495.

Freemans – another general stock catalogue offering monthly payment options with minimum payments at 5% of the cost or £5. Shoppers can spread the costs over 2 years or opt to buy now pay later in 12 months. Discounts of 10% are available for new shoppers.

Very – shoppers with a Very personal account can pay for their purchases in 12 months interest free. Costs can be spread further for up to 2 years. Discounts include 40% off on fashion brands and 60% off on select home items. There are deals of the week too.