Catalogue Shopping for Bad Credit Customers

The ability to spread the cost of major purchases using finance or credit can be incredibly useful, but unfortunately those with less than perfect credit can often find themselves excluded. But catalogue shopping accounts offering credit terms are available to

Where can I get a Drill on Finance?

If your drill has just broken, then replacing it can become very expensive. Fortunately it is possible to save some money by spreading the cost over a certain length of time. This guide will look at the top 2 places

Applying for Credit when on Benefits

Have you been refused finance because of bad credit history or do you have a poor credit score due to low income and being in receipt of government benefits? If so you can probably still buy items using a home

Who are Telly4u?

Telly4u sells a variety of home and entertainment products on finance. As their name suggests, TV’s are a large part of their product range, but they also sell kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, fridge, freezers and cookers. Plus

Catalogue Payment Methods

Catalogue shopping offers a range of convenient benefits to customers across the UK. Leading UK catalogue companies such as Fashion World, Jacamo, Simply Be, Dial a TV, Littlewoods and many others were the pioneers that offered the ultimate in convenience

Top 2 Catalogues for Elderly Women

Finding retail outlets and even home shopping catalogues catering to the young and fashion conscious is easy – they are everywhere! Shopping that is geared for the more mature lady is much more difficult, but there are 2 UK catalogues

Catalogue Personal Accounts: Things you need to know

Home shopping catalogues with flexible credit options allow customers to buy now pay later, or to spread the cost with easily affordable monthly or weekly payments. Almost all home shopping catalogue companies will offer online instant decisions on shopping account

An overview of Expansys

Expansys offer high technology products including smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV’s. They offer all the latest and most exciting gadgets from the world’s leading manufacturers and are a true global technology retailer. Founded in 1997 in Manchester, Expansys was formed

Top 3 Gifts for Babies this Christmas

Part of the fun that characterises Christmas is finding Christmas gifts that family and friends will love. It is essential to point out that babies change so quickly that it is hard to find gifts that will make them happy

Where Can I Rent a Cooker & Pay Weekly

Sometimes you may like to update your cooker but you end up being held back due to your financial capability. Thanks to the rent-to-own cooker programs available, there are stores where you can access rent to own cookers. The stores

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