Benefits & Negatives of Buying a Hot Tub on Finance

Are you considering a new hot tub for your home? With many benefits, both physical and emotional, a hot tub is a great addition to any outdoor space. But, if you are planning on financing the purchase, it is important

2 Tips On How To Apply for a Central Heating System on Credit

Your central heating system can be an expensive piece of equipment, and could cost hundreds of pounds to repair. If you need to purchase a new system, it will cost you even more. However, there are a number of companies

Sonic Direct – Online Appliances & Electricals

Are you interested in finding out more about that best one stop electrical store on the internet, worry no more, below is a detailed overview of Sonic Direct to help make your online shopping experience most memorable. Sonic direct is

How To Increase Your Catalogue Account Credit Limit

It is imperative for those who have just applied for catalogue accounts to understand the need of having increased credit limit. The problem with most people is that they tend not to give emphasis to credit limit and only focus

Do No Credit Check Catalogues Exist?

Do No Credit Check Catalogues Exist? If so, which ones? Consumers in the UK who have ever shopped through online catalogues or have considered it, are aware that determining the borrower’s credit worthiness is part of the application process. Lenders

PayLater – Who are they?

An Overview of PayLater PayLater is an online service that allows you to manage your shopping by offering shopping ‘loans’ payable after a duration of three months. The service charges 7% of the total cost of your purchases. For a

Improving your Chances of Getting Accepted

How To Improve Your Chances of Being Approved for Credit Applying for credit can be a frustrating process especially when you have no idea what to expect. Generally, lenders are risk averse, and their main concern is to protect their

Credit Catalogues VS Loans Revisited

What You Need To Know Almost everyone loves to go shopping, especially the ladies. From shoes to groceries, there is a mystical joy in the act. However, most people do not have unlimited budgets to go shopping all-day and everyday.

Cashplus Credit Cards

Is Cashplus A Genuine Alternative To Traditional Credit Cards? If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional credit card then the Cashplus credit card may be right for you. The Cashplus card works almost exactly the same as

5 Steps To Rebuilding Your Credit Score

Bad credit can happen to anyone, including good people. Financial mistakes, like falling behind on your monthly utilities or forgetting to pay the minimum balance on your credit card bill once or twice can ding your credit, but they cannot

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