BNPL Catalogues

Do you need to shop urgently but have neither cash nor credit? Buy now pay later catalogues are a good answer to your shopping woes. You can buy items from these catalogues and pay nothing at the point of purchase. You are allowed a period at the end of which you have to clear payment. Buying on this option can enable you to get items you need in an emergency. The harsh economic times mean that shoppers are finding it increasingly expensive to shop. When you buy a product using a buy now pay later option, you are able to get what you want right away without having to worry about the cost. This option is very attractive for those who are cashless and low on credit.

What is buy now pay later?
This is a payment option that allows the shopper to buy an item without funds. The item is paid for at the end of a given period. You can buy a pair of shoes for example, and pay for it at the end of the month. Unlike paying in instalments, this option does not attract an interest from most stores. Some catalogues will ask for a clearance fee, however. If the pair of shoes goes for £50 and you would like 3 months to pay for it, you will pay £50 at the end of the 3 months and nothing else. Many catalogues will offer this option depending on the price of an item. More expensive items tend to have much longer periods before interest charges are applied. A sofa, for example, going for £550 can be allowed up to 12 months, while a dress going for £60 may only get 2 months. You have the option of clearing the balance at any time before the period elapses, with no interest charged. Some catalogues will give the option of spreading the costs further when the payment period is over if you find that you cannot meet your deadline, however, you are likely to be charged interest in most cases.

Shopping on buy now pay later
There are numerous catalogues in the UK offering shopping opportunities on a buy now pay later arrangement. Many catalogues allow only those who have personal accounts to enjoy this mode of payment. The personal account is free to open in many cases for those over 18 years of age and who have been a resident of the UK for 3 years. The account is a record of your transactions at the catalogue. If you would like to shop, all you have to do is log in and make your choice. Monthly statements are issued showing your payments and balances. You can buy separate items with the same account and pay in different arrangements. Account holders have the added benefit of enjoying exclusive bargains.

Some buy now pay later catalogues
There are many UK catalogues giving their shoppers this payment option. If you are up to it, you can open several personal accounts at different catalogues. This enables you to shop where you feel there are better bargains or when there are offers not on the other catalogues. There are catalogues offering all kinds of personal and home items. Some catalogues specialise in items like women’s fashion for example. You can opt to shop at the one with the best bargains.

Some of the catalogues offering you buy now pay later arrangements are;
Very – a general merchandise catalogue offering shoppers 12 months on the buy now pay later arrangement. There is a wide collection of fashion items for the whole family including babies. Discounts up to 40% on fashion are available.

Isme – this catalogue has an extensive collection of home and personal items. A wide variety of fashion items for women and women. Shoppers with an options personal account can pick up items and pay nothing for 12 months.

Littlewoods – one of the biggest catalogues in the UK offering buy now pay later arrangements. Shopping account holders get up to 12 months to pay for purchases. Furniture, sports equipment, kitchen appliances, and fashion available. New shoppers get 10% off on their first credit order.

Freemans – shoppers can open a flex account and pay nothing for 12 months. There is an opt out arrangement where the shopper can make interest free payments in 5 months. There are all kinds of home and fashion items on this catalogue.

K&Co. – shoppers on this catalogue get 5 months interest free on all order. Items over £12 can be paid for in 12 months without interest. All kinds of home and fashion items are available on the catalogue with discounts up to 60% on fashion items.

Woolworths – you can get 12 months interest free for items worth £400 and over. New shoppers can get up to 10% off on their first credit order.