Clothes Catalogues

Shopping on clothes catalogues can help you remain trendy. Most catalogues offer fashion and clothing products and many have sales and discounts on clothing items too. There are all kinds of clothing items on offer for men, women, children and babies. Clothing catalogues also offer items for people of all sizes and ages. Plus size shoppers will not lack for choice as there are around a dozen catalogues specialising in plus size clothing. Some catalogues specialise in women or mens clothing but many offer a mixture for all people. Favourite brands are to be found in plenty on the catalogues. Shoppers can get items on credit terms from many catalogues. Some of the catalogues will let you pay for what you take in up to 1 year. There are many offers and discounts to be found on fashion catalogues.

Items on offer at clothes catalogues

There are hundreds of UK catalogues offering trendy fashion. Many catalogues will have men and women fashion. The ladies have more to pick from the catalogue than the men with ladies fashion being dominant on even general catalogues. Women have coats, jackets, tops, t-shirts, blouses, trousers, shorts, jeans and knit wear. There are lingerie items like camisoles, knickers, thermals, bras, slips, hosiery, socks and slips. Lingerie brands like Gok Wan, Pour Moi?, Panache, Eve, Gossard, Grazia, Pomodoro, Elomi and Curvy Kate among others are favourites. Night wear like pyjamas, chemises, gowns and lounge wear. The ladies can also get shape wear like thigh shapers, control tights, and body shapers. The men also have fashion items like coats, jackets, t-shirts, polos, shirts, trousers, shorts, jeans and tailored suits. Many fashion catalogues have sports wear like track bottoms, tops and suits on offer. You can also have items for going to the beach like swimsuits, tankinis, bikinis, and accessories. Children also have items like dresses, shorts, tops, dungarees and other items.

Credit shopping at clothes catalogues

Fashion catalogues are very flexible in payment plans. Credit terms are allowed on almost all clothes catalogues. There are several ways of paying for your credit shopping on these catalogues. Most catalogues will require you to have a personal account to monitor your credit transactions. This account details items bought, what is paid and what is the balance. You can open a free account if you are over 18 years of age. Account holders can choose to pay shopping by spreading costs, on buy now pay later basis or a hybrid of the two plans. When you spread costs you pay for your clothes in small instalments over time. You can have up to 1 year to pay on some catalogues. On this plan balances attract an interest. On buy now pay later you get a certain period to make your payments. You get for example 1 year to make payment. In this 1 year, you pay nothing and no interest is charged. You pay the entire amount at the year’s end. You can also have an interest opt-out plan whereby you are given a few months to make interest free instalments after which interest applies.
Some of the catalogues UK offering fashions are;

Very – there are items for women, men, children and babies. There is a wide collection of sportswear items for both men and women. You get 10% off your first credit order. You can also save up to 50% on select clothing brands. You can get a buy now pay later period of 12 months.

Isme – clothing items for women, men, kids and babies are on offer. Lingerie and sportswear are available too. Shoppers can save up to 50% on clothing. Personal account holders get up to 12 months on a buy now pay later plan.

Freemans – there are clothes items for men, women and kids. You will also find sportswear and swim wear on the catalogue. You can have discounts like 60% on men and women fashion and deals of the week. With an Options personal account you can spread costs for 104 weeks, or opt-out after 20 weeks. You can also have a buy now pay later arrangement for 52 weeks.

Kaleidoscope – this women’s fashion catalogue has a range of fashion items in bold colours and tribal prints. Dresses for occasions are available. You can get discounts of 10% off on dresses and occasion wear. Shoppers can have items on a 14 day trial and have another 14 days to pay.