Furniture Catalogues

When it comes to shopping for furniture, the experience rattles most household owners. If you have been looking for exquisite pieces of furniture you might have experienced many false starts specially when visiting most furniture shops. However, with the advent of online shopping, things seem to be looking up for shoppers as there are impressive furniture catalogues that make the hitherto arduous task of shopping a walk in the park. The fact that furniture needs for shoppers range widely from desks, home and office sofas, office seats, recliners, drawers, tables to mention a few means that these comprehensive catalogues will provide you with the most convenient shopping option due to a wide range of products on offer.

There are many catalogues which you can get online including Barker and Stone House, Furniture Village, Oak Furniture Land and myriad of other shopping catalogues. The most enticing thing about catalogues featuring these invaluable home items is the credit facilities which enable even people with poor credit to shop for their desired furniture. Since 2007, the recession has forced many people into financial constraints and most cannot get credit for fascinating designs on offer in most furniture designer shops. However, you have the option of paying in small instalments while there are other catalogues offering amazing ‘buy now pay later’ credit for you. When you have the option of spreading costs for immaculate designer furniture, you get a one-in-a-lifetime chance to improve your household or office irrespective of how tough the economy is.

What is on offer at furniture Catalogues

Though each catalogue will provide its own range of products, some items are available across board. For starters, most catalogues will offer bedroom furniture including beds, bedside cabinets, dressing tables, wardrobes among others. In addition, catalogues UK will display living room pieces which happen to cover the widest range. These include barstools, bookcases, corbels, cupboards, coffee tables, console tables, wine racks, sofas and benches, gazed cabinets among others. For the outdoor experience, you can get chairs, recliners, wooden garden lights and many other varieties of pieces. The office furniture on most catalogues includes cabinets, chairs, book cases, sofas and tables though many others have custom made options for different clients. Other items you can expect include TV and Hi-Fi units, dining sets, sofa beds, lam tables, accessories, foot stools among others.

In essence, there is everything for everyone on these catalogues and it is highly unlikely that you will miss what you need. The designer furniture ranges from world renowned Prado, Jensen, Collins and Hayes, Ercol, Aztec, Brunswick, Broadway, Spectrum 5, Dunlopillo, Jay-be, System 300 among others. These catalogues understand that shoppers love designer brands and they go to all lengths to ensure they provide exactly that. If you are serious about improving your house or office, these catalogues UK offers will blow your mind and you will certainly be lost for choice.

Credit shopping at furniture catalogues

Now that your appetite is already whetted up by what the furniture catalogues have to offer, you should not let your pocket diminish your yearning. The fact that the recession affected virtually everyone means you are not alone and it is no wonder that these online shops are providing you with an option of owning immaculate pieces of furniture however bad your credit score. To benefit from this package, you need to open a personal account on the catalogue’s page and this is free and takes only a few minutes. You need to be over 18 years to open such an account and after filling out all the information needed, you will get a credit limit based on your current financial situation. The personal account serves as your financial transaction account as it records any item purchased any payment that is due, payments made and the balance. As such, you can easily control your shopping as you improve your credit rating by paying promptly as agreed with the company.

What credit option can you take? Firstly, there is the ever popular ‘buy now pay’ later option where you will pay low monthly instalments whose total sum will amount to the same sale price. This means no interest rate is charged which helps to relive your financial burden as you can own the piece of furniture and pay for the same without any hassles. The catalogues provide different interest free payment periods based on the sale price of your order. For example, an order worth £ 2,000 at Oak Furniture Land UK accords you 3 years interest free credit. The other option available is spreading your payments. Mostly this involves an initial payment within an agreed period while the balance is spread over several months depending on your capability. The outstanding balance will attract interest rate though for most UK catalogues, the charge is very low. With a personal account, you will enjoy exclusive bargains, discounts on new orders among other privileges.

If you are looking for reputable online catalogues UK pages, a cursory search will provide hundreds. Some of the poplar ones include:

Furniture Village; on this catalogue, you will get world renowned brands and the fact that it has been voted 4 times furniture retailer of the year is reason enough to trust its services. From chairs, tables, foot stools, to office furniture, everything is on offer and with 5 years guarantees on all items; you will be investing in quality. Moreover, the catalogue has Genuine 0% APR interest free credit, up to 3 years interest free credit for orders over £2,000 among other benefits.

Barker and Stonehouse; the catalogue has dining, living and bedroom furniture in addition to office and children’s room items. It has 8 furniture showrooms in major cities and a standard fee of £39 while rugs and accessories are delivered free. For orders over £1,500, you get interest free credit on major furniture brands.

Oak Furniture Land; this is another popular catalogue offering online furniture sales. It has an incredible ‘buy now pay later’ option of up to 12 months for order values over £600. orders over £2000 enjoy up to 3 years interest free credit and its product cover all common areas such as dining rooms, office, garden and accessories.

There are many other furniture catalogues such as Argos Furniture, Asda, Bed star and they all have impeccable deals. As such, visit them and enjoy their bargains more so on the option for credit if you are low on cash.