Gift Catalogues

If you are giving a gift to your loved ones, friends or colleagues at work, you might want to look at gift catalogues that have gifts in stock. Gifting is a tricky art. You have to get the occasion, mood and personality factors right when choosing a gift. You might give a fancy dress gift to your office mate on Halloween eve but the same will look ridiculous when he gets promoted or is celebrating a wedding anniversary. Getting all these things right is a bit confusing but with the right collection of gifts, you will have one that fits what you need. Catalogues are perfect for gift shopping. Some will have a wide collection of gifts as a speciality while some just keep gifts as one category among many. Some of the more popular gift shops in the UK include Argos and the Original gift company. Getting gifts from these catalogues has many benefits chief among them being the fair sales offers and easy payment terms.

Items on offer on gift catalogues

There are so many items one can give as a gift. Even everyday items like a chair or a plate can be given as gifts. What sets the gift apart is its packaging and the occasion. You can give a customised plate as a gift during a food competition and it will be very appropriate. UK catalogues that have gifts on offer give shoppers the choice in having the gift by several means:

  • Gift by recipient- the gift can be for him, her, kids, teens, granddad, grandma, and suitable for anyone.
  • Gift by occasion- birthday, wedding, anniversary, valentines, engagement, mother’s day, retirement and Christmas are some of the occasions for gifting.
  • Gift by interest – sports, food, music, wine, books, gadgets, gardening and other hobbies are excuses for gifting.

The above are the main ways in which gift catalogues arrange their gifts. You can then opt to personalise your gift to give it a more personal touch. Some of the gifts easily to personalise include sports, food and wine, travel and novelty items. Some catalogues go further and give you the chance to have something truly unique like personalised whiskey, coffee, tea or beer brewed just to perfection according to the recipient’s tastes. Catalogues also have popular themes as gifts. Some of the favourite gifts include character gifts from popular movies and comics. Disneyland characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Popeye and Winnie the pooh are favourites. Superheroes like Superman, Flash, Spiderman and Marvel man are popular. You can also get characters from movies like Darth Vader, Zorro, and Doctor Who among others.

Many catalogues will have the usual collection of items like electronics, gaming consoles, DVDS, toys and games. You can turn these everyday items into gifts by fancy packaging and customisation. Jewellery gifts are popular on the catalogues for different occasions. Precious and semi-precious metals and stones are offered for buying as they are or with a twist here and there for personalisation.

Credit options at gift catalogues

Buying gifts can sometimes be expensive. A diamond ring will most likely cost you upwards of £650 at the very least. If this money is not at hand you can always look for credit terms. Many gift catalogues will let you have what you need on flexible payment terms. Credit provided subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. If accepted for credit, you have the option to spread your payments over time and pay in small instalments. With this option you will have to pay an interest on the pending balances. Payments can be weekly or monthly, however you prefer to pay.

Some catalogues will also let you have your gift and pay for it at a later date. This is also referred to as buy now pay later payment plan. You do not normally have to pay interest on pending balances but you have to clear the balance by the agreed date. You will have to open a personal account to enjoy buying on credit at the catalogues. The account keeps track of your purchases, payments and balances. As an account holder you stand to enjoy numerous sales offers and discounts.

Some of the catalogues in UK offering gifts are:

The Brilliant Gift Shop – this catalogue has one of the widest collection of gifts. Video games, DVDs, toys, home electronics, appliances, crafts, health and beauty items among others. You can also shop for your gifts in the occasion shop, character shop, brand store or the jewellery store.

Argos – there are novelty gifts like branded fashion and fancy dresses, gadgets and appliances. You can also have occasional gifts for birthdays, christenings, weddings and parties. Radio control toys, Homby train sets, model cars, adults’ puzzles and games are available on this catalogue. You can save up to 1/3 on outdoor toys and 25% on select Disney products.

JD Williams – on this catalogue there are collectables, gifts for him, her and kids. You can even give a gift to your pet. The site allows you to personalise fashion items.

Original Gift Company – on this catalogue opportunities to customise and personalise gifts are in plenty. You can have personalised beer, wine, whiskey, and even coffee. Novelty, sports and travel gifts are available too. Discount up to half price on select brands and items are on offer. Value packs like coffee sets starting at £9 are also available.

Aspinal of London – this catalogue has a collection of leather items which are hand crafted. You can personalise these leather items for gifting as bags, wallets, book covers, and travel bags. You can also have other gifts in home wares like dinner sets, glass sets and games.

Samaritan’s Purse – this is a unique gift catalogue. You give gifts to needy people where the organisation works. You can give a goat, water filer and even a family hygiene set. You can do all this for philanthropic purposes.