How to Pay Weekly on Golfing Equipment

Rarely do people pay the whole amount upfront nowadays. Whether you are going for the new iPhone or the new sound system, buyers are more comfortable paying a small monthly fee rather than coming up with the lump sum. This type of financing is also available for golfing. If you need a few more drivers or putters to complete your set or are looking to upgrade an old set, you can get the best and pay later.

There is a wide variety of golfing clubs out there and a whole set doesn’t come cheap. Some of the best golfing clubs go for around £400 and you might find it hard to upgrade your kit if you don’t have the full amount. However, with financing you can get the golf clubs you have been eyeing and start working on your game as soon as possible. Here are a few things to consider as you shop for your new golfing gear;

1. How has your game changed over the years
As a golfer, you are only as good as your gear. You need to evaluate how your game has changed over the years. This also determines what kind of gear you go for when upgrading. For instance, if your handicap index has gone up due to months without practice, you may need to switch those muscle back blades with cavity backs for a better swing or shift to hybrids if you have long irons. On the other hand, you may need to upgrade your kit and get clubs designed for the best golfers. It may cost you an arm and a leg to get the latest gear released in 2017, but with financing, you can do your game the favour and go for better clubs.

2. Have a set budget
The idea of paying in small instalments is enticing and sometimes a golfer may be tempted to go over the top and spend on kit that their game is not even ready for yet. However, the golfer is not all to blame, the array of new releases will lure the best of us to overspend. You need to remember that new golfing equipment offering better performance will keep coming out each year, you just need to get what’s missing in your set.

3. Get interest-free financing
Even the most dedicated golfers may be discouraged by high interest rates that effectively bar you from getting your golfing equipment. Find shops that offer financing with zero interest over the payment period.

Gear up for the new season
Getting financing for your golfing equipment is a hassle-free process that takes a matter of minutes to complete. Simply shop online like you usually do and pick financing options where indicated. You will have your purchase approved after a short approval process.

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