No Credit Check Catalogues

Got a poor credit rating? Many people who have been refused finance believe that they have a bad credit score. This is not always the case as there are a number of possible reasons that can cause this such as inaccurate information on your application or even mistakes on your credit report. This is the first thing you should check as it’s free and it can solve your problems almost immediately. Any mistakes on your credit report should be reported to the agency so that they can fix it.

If you know that your score is low you may be looking for a catalogue that doesn’t credit check you. Unfortunately, there are a number of negatives associated with no credit check catalogues including the fact that there aren’t many of them and that they tend to have high interest rates. What you should consider first are bad credit catalogues which tend to have very high acceptance rates as well as offering a short interest free period.

There are some catalogues which are ideal for you if you have been refused before, however, if you find yourself failing the credit check here too, your last options (after checking your credit report) is to go for a no credit check store such as pay weekly store. Instead of checking your record with an agency, they will ask you for some recent bank statements to confirm that you have regular money coming in and are in a decent financial situation.

So, regardless of where you take out a credit option your finances will be checked one way or another, and you should only go for a no credit check catalogue as a last resort.

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