Pay Monthly Catalogues

Are you finding your shopping more and more unaffordable? You could opt for pay monthly catalogues to ease your burden. Shopping for your goods on a pay monthly basis gives you time to have your finances in order and make your payments at ease. You can pick items at the catalogues and pay for them at the end of the working month in flexible instalments. There are many catalogues in the UK offering this payment option. Top names like Freemans, Very, Isme, and K&Co. just to mention a few are some of the catalogues on which you can buy items on this option. You can purchase more items on this option as the instalments are flexible and the freed up money goes to more shopping.

What is pay monthly?
This a payment option when buying items on credit. You pick up an item and make payment at the end of each month in instalments. You can spread the instalments over a period of time. Most catalogues will allow payment in periods ranging from 1-2 years. For the more expensive items, you can get a period of up to 4 years to make payment. The option of paying in instalments attracts interest on the balance. Many catalogues will have interest rates between 29% – 39% variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Some catalogues are more lenient and allow you to make interest free payments if you can pay in a certain period, say 3 months. There is a minimum monthly payment that is typically 5% of the purchase price, in many catalogues. Late payments and defaults also attract charges.

Shopping on pay monthly option
There are many UK catalogues that will allow you to purchase items on a pay monthly option. They require that you open a personal account with them. This personal account is for the purposes of tracking your transactions. You will have to be over 18 years of age to open this account. Some will also require proof of a verifiable address. If you are approved, you begin to enjoy the benefits of personal account holders. Shopping with your account is as simple as logging in, picking up items and checking out. There is a monthly statement issued showing the items purchased, any payments made and the balance. You can clear the balance by the due date. As a personal account holder you stand to benefit from exclusive offers and discounts. You can also get deals of the week, seasonal discounts and other freebies.

Pay monthly catalogues
If you are looking for some catalogues UK shopping, you will not lack for choice. There are all kinds of catalogues dealing with virtually all your personal and home items. There are general catalogues that deal in all manner of items and specialist catalogues that will deal in women’s fashion exclusively for example. Each catalogue will try to attract shoppers with bargains and discounts and other incentives. You can choose the catalogue you want by looking at the bargains, payment plans and the brands on offer.

Some of the pay monthly catalogues are;
Very – this is a general catalogue offering clothing, electronics, home appliances, sports equipment, gifts, jewellery and even toys. This catalogue offers discounts of up to 40% on fashion and 60% on other home items. New customers get 10% of their first credit order. You can also get free delivery.

Freemans – with a Freemans flex personal account you can pick up items and pay for them in up to 36 months. You also get the option of making interest free payments in 3 months. There is a wide range of fashion for men, women and children. All the top fashion brands can be found on the catalogue; Joe Browns, Nike, Timberland, Ben Sherman, Ralph Lauren and much more.

Isme – the options personal account on this catalogue gives you the freedom to purchase on a pay monthly basis. You can get all kinds of home items; electronics, garden equipment, kitchen appliances, sports equipment, and entertainment equipment. There is also an extensive collection of fashion for the whole family.

Littlewoods – this is one of the leading catalogues in the UK. You will find a wide collection of fashion items for women, men and children including babies. Sports equipment, home and garden equipment and tools, gifts and jewellery are also on offer. Customers can get 20% cash back on electronics over £495. New shoppers can also enjoy a 10% discount on their first credit order. You can also find some great deals on pay monthly ipads.