Shopping Catalogues

Traditional shopping where you had to queue for hours in a crowded and noisy shopping centre is all gone. In its place, you have the easy and convenient online shopping option where everything is just a click away. When the latest iPhone hits the market, there is no need to join the crowds in the local store as you can order for the device and get it at your doorstep the next morning. Online shopping is aided by shopping catalogues which are better than browsing through a retail shop for the best size shoe during a holiday. In essence, these catalogues enable you to shop for everything from a lawnmower to the latest power tools from the comfort of your bed. There are many types of shopping catalogues some specializing in furniture, baby items, electronic devices, gifts, clothes to mention a few. One of the most magnificent features offered by most of these catalogues is the availability of credit lines even for those in dire financial constraints or poor credit ratings. Such flexibility continues to fan the popularity of these online shopping options.

Items to expect on shopping catalogues

There is no limit to what you can get on UK catalogues. For a start, they feature the most reputable brands of any products that they sell. For example, furniture catalogues will feature designer furniture from reputable brands including System 300, Jensen, Collins and Hayes, Ercol, Aztec, Brunswick, Broadway, Spectrum 5, Dunlopillo, Jay-be, Tema, Taurus, among others. For dress shopping catalogues, you can expect the ;attest releases form exclusive brands such as Laura Scott, Lipsy Cross, Melrose Jersey to mention but a few. For summer scents on most catagues UK, you will get a wide array of choices including Calvin Klein, Thierry Mugler, Davidoff, Paris Hilton, Issey Miyake, and many more. There are other online catalogues that provide you with the latest laptops and sleek phones such as the Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, iPhone 4S, iPads and many other gizmos which you might not finds yet in any local store in your neighbourhood. What’s more, the deliveries are very efficient and while others are scrambling for the latest Samsung Tablet at the brick and mortar store, you will be updating yours with the latest applications from the comfort of your bed. Other catalogues specialize on kids items such s cloths, toys, gifts, cards, and cribs. To state it simply, everything you need will be covered by one or other catalogue and there should be no excuse for not shopping and grabbing that item y you have been craving for months.

Credit Shopping

Most retailers appreciate that the recession has affected your financial situation adversely. As such, online UK catalogues have devised creative ways of ensuring you can still shop, get discounts and even credit irrespective of your bad credit rating. After all, these online catalogues UK understand that the situation is prescient and soon, the global economy will improve and consumers will remember those who stood by them. How can you benefit from these credit offers? The first step involves opening a personal credit account on a particular catalogue such as Argos if you want to shop for a dress or any other item on offer. After providing your personal details, the company will offer you a set credit limit to start off your shopping now that they understand you are already low on cash.

The first credit option is the low monthly instalment payment option where you will be able to pay an initial some after an agreed period mostly 28 days and the rest will be repaid in small instalments and at a set out APR rate. This will ensure there is no strain on your part as you already have enough problems due to the bad credit. You can thus nab the best items on offer from the latest tablets to babies’ clothes without suffering the embarrassment of being turned away by retailers. The other popular option is spreading all the cost over an agreed period again ensuring there is no financial strain on your part whatever the item you buy. For example, 24 Studio UK with over 17,000 distinct products offers the option of spreading the sale price on any item on offer even for new customers.

On other UK catalogues such as K and Co, you can choose another popular credit option known as buy now pay later where you order an item and pay over several months without any extra interest. The duration of deferred payment varies greatly from 3 months on sites such as Very UK while others such as Oak Furniture Land will stretch that period even to 12 months depending on the value of the order in this case £ 2,000. Moreover, there are immense discounts on most shopping catalogues starting at as low as 10% for first orders at Vertbaudet which specializes in baby items while others will go as high as 20% and beyond.

There are numerous UK catalogues dealing with different shopping options. Some of the common ones include;

Argos; this is one of the oldest catalogues dealing in everything from toys, furniture to laptops and dresses. It also has garden accessories, kitchen and laundry among other items. With incredible APR rates for different items, you can save a lot of money or pay easily more so when undergoing tough economic times. You can get an Argos card and pay nothing for 6 months on items you pick at 29.9% variable APR.

ASDA direct catalogue; for all your electrical needs including TVs, consoles, phones cameras, appliances, laptops, games among others, this is your catalogue. Whether you need the latest plasma TV from Samsung and repay it later over 12 months or even promptly, the choice is yours as everything is available.

Very; you will get a wide variety of clothes from plus size to baby clothes and everything in between. It is a one stop shop that guarantees you a 10% off your first order to enable you save even more money. it also has an impressive buy now pay later option with up to 12 months interest free credit.